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TVC Sites offers a full range of web services needed to establish a fully functioning website for your organisation. We can do everything you need – from registering and hosting your site to designing the content and providing a secure trading environment for you and your customers.


GP Websites

GP-Sites enables your practice to get online and provides your patients with an easy to use website providing all the information to the services you provide, contact information and the ability to order prescriptions online.

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My Case Worker

Enable your case workers (inside parliament and the constituency office) to record and track all casework and policy issues that come to you via post, email, surgeries or face to face.

Add any and all encounters to the record, and upload files into the case record. There is no limit on how much you upload or how many users you want to use for your constituency.

Accessible from anywhere there is an internet connection, you can securely access your information where and when you need it.

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Time Off Planner

A simple to use, web based, absence management application often referred to as annual leave booking software, that is designed to help you and your staff manage leave and sickness, simply and effectively – allowing you to take control of this important area of your business.

With the ability to record sick leave and request leave remotely, employees are empowered to plan their leave within established leave guidelines and policies, securing productivity and providing an efficient process.

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